Advanced Musculoskeletal Training
(musmed) updated 11th January 2012
The Talus, Iona Millar, adelaide. 14 August 2008

Dear Paul,
I have just had a patient leave my practice for a follow-up visit and he accused me of doing his head in.  This gentleman presented to my practice 2 weeks ago requesting orthotics.  He had been involved in a MVA 23 years ago which had resulted in fractures all over his body including his right foot.  He had over the years recieved orthopaedic consults which suggested extensive surgery with a 3% success rate and non-bearing for 6 months.  He reported to be suffering foot pain everyday and orthotics had helped somewhat to alleviate pain.  During the intial consultation mobilisation was provided and the gentleman left the clinic without pain.
Today he came in for a follow-up without pain and could not believe what has happened, he has already told many other people.
I wanted to say thankyou again, this situation is becoming somewhat the norm in my practice and word of mouth is pushing my appointment book to capacity.
All the best
Iona Millar

Bryce Sturnam November 2008 re Jones technique and mobilisations

Dear Paul,

My wife had been troubled by sesamoid pain for several months, which at times made it very difficult to walk. I had previously attempted several orthotic adjustments, strapping techniques and physical therapies without any success. After mobilising both feet, addressing her hallucis limitis using your stretching technique, and using the Jones protocol to her sesamoid bones she is now almost completely pain free. She noticed a mild reduction in pain immediately and then over the next three days her pain all but completely resolved. I was amazed to see how much extra motion could be achieved in her great toe after such a simple stretch and could really feel it clicking with the very slow gentle movement. Thanks heaps Paul, I will definitely be implementing all your techniques in my practice.


Bryce Sturman

podiatry radiology, Dorothy Curnow, 31 august 2008

Dear Paul and Alex
Thank you for a wonderful workshop. It was more that interesting and informative it was inspiring. What I have learnt has taken the mystery out of scans and will be of great benefit to my patients and practice.

Thank you

Dorothy Curnow.

Dubbo Foot clinic, Norma Hughes, July 2008
"Having recently completed Dr Conneely's Talus and Trigger Point workshops, I have found that I am now able to look at patients in a different way. I see them more as a big picture of interconnected problems, rather than a foot problem with a person attached. Even though I am still developing my skills, I have been getting impressive results and I am starting to become someone that has made a difference to people with long standing pain, rather than just another practitioner using the same techniques and attitudes.  
Thank you Paul - for your generosity in sharing the knowledge and techniques that you have developed over your life time, for your good humour and for your enthusiasm for life that always seems to rub off on your class participants. Lastly and most importantly, thank you (and your lovely wife) for the wonderful home-made morning teas!! Norma Hughes - Macquarie Foot Clinic Dubbo". July 2008
Rebecca Sleep, Adelaide re dry needling 13/8/08

my very first paying patient who received Dry Needling was a 65 year old woman who had not been able to move her 3/4/5 digits on right foot.  After Tx she was able to move 4/5 very well and bend 3 for the first time in about 15 years.  Very happy  and astonished lady.  What a buzz!  Now I know why you are so passionate about this tx.

Rebecca Sleep

Daniel Gibbs Adelaide

In february 2008 I learnt the foot mobilisation techniques from paul.
I have contually practised these techniques over the past 6 months and I can say that this has led me to have an increase of 40 new patients a month.

These referrals are by 'the word of mouth'.

Oliver Weber. July 2011

I have attended two previous dry needling courses over the past few years that have not consolidated the knowledge and practical information I have gained with Paul last weekend.I feel very confident with my needling techniques since spending two days with Paul .Having live atheletes with dysfunction present was a great way to see the techniques in practice.

Jeremy Hawke July 2011
Two days dry needling at the lower limb, presented by Paul Conneely.
Paul brings a level of knowledge and experience that has greatly enriched my podiatric medical practice. Paul is clear concise and diligent, and will guide you through the elementary aspects of dry needling at the lower limb, with immense attention to detail. Not a day will go by where you will not want to look back and review Paul's excellent class notes, as you develop a new and exciting paradigm to  your daily practice. Thanks again Paul, I am looking forward to your next workshop!
Jeremy Hawke July 2011
Two days at the Talus presented by Dr Paul conneely.
Paul's journey through mobilisation of the foot and the lower limb led me to new and important understandings in the biomechanical function of the foot and lower limb. I thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, and find application of this knowledge in my daily practice profoundly relevant. This will not only change your view of foot function, but it will improve the long-term management of your patient’s foot pain and postural function. As with all of Paul's workshops, Paul brings his own ground breaking research to compliment his deep knowledge of the other global leaders in his field. 
Paul Thompson Corrimal NSW 9-1-2012

I have recently completed both your Foot Mobilization and Lower Limb Dry Needling Course, and the results I am achieving with my patients, are amazing. 

Having never performed dry needling or foot mobilization before, I am astounded with the confidence I was able to leave your course with, to instantly begin using my newly learned skills.

Your teaching has not only changed the way I view the foot and body as a whole, but has also changed my approach to treating conditions dramatically.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and for making the course content so interesting and memorable.

I sincerely believe all Podiatrists should be equipped with your techniques.